Spooky, themed boudoir session for Halloween of a woman wearing a Ghostface mask from the Scream movies

Here it is: the perfect Halloween boudoir session. Check out this spooky, themed boudoir session with sexy cosplay of Ghostface from Scream!

Themed Boudoir – Spooky Edition

This client experience was a very special birthday gift for my very special mom! We celebrated her with a day of pampering and beauty!

The Beauty Experience – The Perfect Birthday Present

Beautiful woman in lingerie posing on a bed for a boudoir shoot

A client experience interview with a Boudie City regular about her sensual, moody boudoir session.

Moody Boudoir in St. Louis | Miss A

This glamorous boudoir session is proof that you can be sexy, have confidence, and book a boudoir session at any age!

Glamorous Boudoir Session | Miss M

Boudoir is all about confidence and self-empowerment! Here’s one client’s perspective on her own empowering boudoir session with Boudie City!

Empowering Boudoir Session | Miss M

This St. Louis boudoir session was an amazing confidence boost for this woman, and these intimate photos helped her see that she is enough.

Self-Confidence Boudoir | Miss L

Self Love Plus Size Boudoir in St. Louis

Self-Confidence and Self-Love Boudoir Being a boudoir photographer isn’t just about playing dress-up with lingerie or making women look sexy. Boudoir for me is really about self-confidence, self-love, and trust. I ask every woman who walks through my studio door to put her trust in me to provide her with an experience and photos that […]

Self-Confidence and Self-Love | St. Louis Boudoir

This client experience was all about self-expression in boudoir photography. See what this gorgeous gal had to say about her (one of many) photoshoots!

Self-Expression One Photo at a Time | St. Louis Boudoir