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Self-Confidence Boudoir

Miss L’s session was an extra special one, because not only was it her birthday, but she was also my first session in my new studio space! After months of isolation due to Covid-19, she was a breath of fresh air (while wearing a mask, of course) to get back into the swing of things!

“Confidence” was a word that came up a lot as we talked and planned Miss L’s session. I loved her openness and honesty when we talked about why she wanted a boudoir session and what she hoped to get out of it, and I am so thrilled that I could help her build her self-confidence and see that she is enough. Sometimes it’s difficult to be vulnerable and step out of your comfort level, but Miss L did, and the result was pure magic!

Scroll down to see the photos and what Miss L had to say about her session!

What made you want to have a boudoir shoot?
It was my 35th birthday and I felt like I’d been stuck in a terrible funk. I felt like I needed to boost my self-confidence and see myself the way others see me. So I treated myself to something I’d been dreaming of doing for the last 5 years.

What made you choose Paper Doll Photography?
I did a Google search and Paper Doll Photography was the very first to come up. I perused the site and was in awe at the tastefulness and timelessness in the photos. I actually didn’t look anywhere else. I knew I would be captured in the way I wanted to be captured!

What were you nervous about going into your session?
I was nervous about being vulnerable. Taking such intimate photos and not looking good. My self-consciousness kicked in more than anything.

What was your favorite part of your session?
Getting dolled up was my favorite part!

How do you feel now that you’ve completed your session?
I feel amazing. More confident. Beautiful. Classy. All the things I know are already there.

How would you describe your entire session experience to someone who was interested in their own session?
I had the time of my life! Beautiful studio. Kelly really made sure I felt comfortable and confident and Shanice slayed my makeup. I felt at ease and had peace of mind at all times. I feel like every woman should experience a boudoir photo session at least once in their lives!

If you’re looking for a confidence-boosting boudoir session, get in touch here!

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