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Sexy and Glamorous Boudoir

“She looks amazing for {this age}.” We see and hear this phrase all over in the media, in casual conversation, and even from other boudoir photographers. I hate it.

Our beauty and sexiness doesn’t expire once we reach a certain age. So when Miss M reached out to me about booking her boudoir session and described herself as a confident 50-something who feels sexier than ever, I did a little happy dance! So many women think that they can’t do boudoir because their age is a roadblock, but they want to embrace their sexiness and feel like a glamorous model for a day in the middle of their busy lives. Miss M inspired me, not because of her age, but because she is a beautiful woman who was excited to celebrate herself, her confidence, and all that she has achieved. You deserve to feel glamorous whether you’re 25, 55, 85, or anywhere in between!

Keep reading for Miss M’s story and to see her glamorous boudoir session!

Miss M’s Glamorous Boudoir Session

What made you want to have a boudoir shoot?
I wanted to celebrate the progress I’ve made in the last year and a half in learning to love myself, losing unwanted pounds while gaining strong muscles and fitness, embracing my own sexuality and beauty by capturing it in photos! I wanted to do something that “scared me” so that it could empower me!

What made you choose Boudie City?
I had heard of boudoir photo sessions and started researching online for reviews and personality, finding someone I felt captured what I envisioned as the perfect setting for me.

How did you feel going into your session? Were you nervous about anything?
I felt the meeting before the session put my mind at ease about what to expect. Having some of my own outfits was comforting, and also having borrowed items added more fun! I felt more excited with anticipation than nervous.

What was your favorite part of your session?
Putting those stilettos on with very little else on made me feel like a professional Victoria Secret model! Being posed and letting myself enjoy the moment was so glamorous.

How do you feel now that you’ve completed your session?
I feel I deserve to celebrate my accomplishments in what I’ve worked for to feel and look fit and am proud of my journey to appreciate what it has taken to get here. Capturing some of that on film was the perfect celebration for me. I look at the photos and think, “Damn, girl, you are gorgeous!”

How would you describe your entire session experience to someone who was interested in their own session?
Kelly was awesome in the planning of the shoot by taking the steps in getting to know me first. She assisted in deciding on outfits, shoes, accessories to bring the look together, along with the professional make-up & hair-stylist. The backdrops, music, settings, lighting were all worked into Kelly’s magic to put me at ease while having me “work it” posing for the camera. Her talent and creativity brought out my best angles and features. The finished products are true keepsakes! The whole process was positive and again I will say empowering.

Ready for your own glamorous boudoir session?

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