The Beauty Experience – The Perfect Birthday Present

My Mom’s Birthday Beauty Experience

Today is a very special day. My mom, the amazing woman and total badass that she is, turns 60 today. While we couldn’t celebrate together in person today, I wanted to make sure she had the most fantastic birthday ever. While she was in St. Louis for Thanksgiving, I gave her something she has long deserved: a day to celebrate how wonderful and beautiful she is!

I had been planning this gift for her ever since I launched The Beauty Experience over the summer, but every time I would talk about these shoots with my mom or share new work, she would tell me how she’d love to do something like this. My sessions always come with a pre-session consult to plan things in advance, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for her so I set everything up myself and with the help of my sister. Luckily, I’ve known my mom my whole life, so I knew exactly what would fit her style and tastes!

I’m so glad I could give her these photos, but what I love even more was the experience she got to have: getting pampered with hair and make-up, wardrobe and styling done for her, and an absolutely amazing day with my sister and I celebrating the incredible woman who gave us life. She got to look and feel like the queen she is, and I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

Ok, that’s enough from me, now it’s time to show off photos of my gorgeous momma and share what she had to say about her birthday beauty experience!

A Birthday Beauty Photography Experience

What made you want to have a boudoir or beauty session?

This beauty session was a birthday surprise. I was very excited to receive this from my daughter!

How did you feel going into your session? Were you nervous about anything?

I was nervous at first but also very excited. I’ve seen all of Kelly’s work and knew whatever she would be shooting would make me feel and look beautiful.

What was your favorite part of your session?

Spending time with my daughters and seeing the professionalism and the confidence that Kelly shows while she is working. And her crazy sense of humor!

How do you feel now that you’ve completed your session?

I have always hated having pictures taken of me because I do not like the results. Until now! Kelly has brought out a beauty in me that I have never seen in any other photos of me.

How would you describe your entire session experience to someone who was interested in their own session?

I would tell them that although I was nervous at first, Kelly made me feel relaxed and her confidence and sense of humor had us laughing and made had me feeling comfortable and confident in myself, and the results shows that. I would do this again! Thank you Kelly! ❤

Keep scrolling to see the rest of the photos from my mom’s birthday Beauty Experience!

Leave a comment below to wish my mom a very happy birthday, and click here if you want to treat yourself or someone special to a birthday Beauty Experience, too!

  1. Meg Smidt says:

    I love these photos! Her confidence shines through and she looks radiant! Happy birthday!

  2. Debbie Foos says:

    Awesome Pictures Kelly! Can you make your Aunt look that Good? HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laura! Love you and you too Kelley!❤️❤️❤️

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