Boudoir photo of a woman wearing a mask, a fun prop she planned for her St. Louis boudoir session

Your Boudoir Prep Checklist Hey there, Bombshell, and welcome to Part 2 of How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session: Your Boudoir Prep Checklist! If you missed Part 1, How to Mentally Prepare for Your Boudoir Session, go check it out here! While Part 1 was all about overcoming doubts and fears and getting ready […]

Your Boudoir Prep Checklist

Smiling woman in a boudoir photo on St. Louis

How to Mentally Prepare for Your Boudoir Session Hell yeah, you booked a boudoir session! That’s amazing! You’re probably super excited to have your session scheduled, but what do you do until then? What if your mind starts filling with doubts about if you can do this and how you’ll feel and if you’ll like […]

How to Mentally Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

Self-Confidence Boudoir Miss L’s session was an extra special one, because not only was it her birthday, but she was also my first session in my new studio space! After months of isolation due to Covid-19, she was a breath of fresh air (while wearing a mask, of course) to get back into the swing […]

Self-Confidence Boudoir | Miss L

Dramatic and sexy St. Louis boudoir photo of a woman in lingerie playing with her necklace

A few weeks ago I shared some myths about boudoir that often keep women from booking a session. Today, however, I want to focus on the reasons that you should book a boudoir session! Boudoir is about so much more than sexy photos, I believe it is just as much about the experience. Even though […]

15 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

Sexy St. Louis boudoir photo of a woman's legs in stockings

Luxury Boudoir Session in St. Louis Sometimes it’s fun to get out of the studio to shoot boudoir in another St. Louis location! This session was part of a boudoir marathon day that took place in a gorgeous mansion in St. Louis! This luxury boudoir session was full of glamour and sexiness, and I’m so […]

St. Louis Boudoir Experience | Miss K

Boudoir photo of a woman wearing a button down shirt

Even though boudoir photography has been around for AGES, this genre still has a ton of misconceptions about what it is and who it’s for (SPOILER ALERT: boudoir is for EVERYONE!). I’m over here busting myths today, and these 5 are the most common myths about boudoir photography that I hear: 1. You have to […]

5 Myths About Boudoir Photography

Self Love Plus Size Boudoir in St. Louis

Self-Confidence and Self-Love Boudoir Being a boudoir photographer isn’t just about playing dress-up with lingerie or making women look sexy. Boudoir for me is really about self-confidence, self-love, and trust. I ask every woman who walks through my studio door to put her trust in me to provide her with an experience and photos that […]

Self-Confidence and Self-Love | St. Louis Boudoir

This gorgeous gal had her third boudoir session with me recently, and I absolutely love having her in the studio! She is a fellow Star Wars nerd and is so spunky and fun; we always have a blast together! Each session we’ve done has been totally different, and I’ve loved that each one has been […]

Self-Expression One Photo at a Time | St. Louis Boudoir

“All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.” –Alan Moore, Watchmen I received my first camera as a Christmas gift when I was in 7th grade. It was a 35mm Canon Rebel X, and I was in love. I still have boxes full of negatives and 4×6″ prints of my friends, family, trees, flowers, […]

The Power of Print

With Memorial Day kicking off the start of summer next week, it’s time to start shedding some clothes! Even when the sun is shining bright in St. Louis, we can still capture a dark and sensuous mood with boudoir photographs. *L* and I created some beautiful, moody bodyscapes that showcase her rockin’ bod.   It […]

St. Louis Boudoir | *L*