Yes, my last post was all about how to buy new pieces to wear for your boudoir session, but now I want to share 5 things to wear for your photoshoot that you already own! I know that not everyone loves shopping as much as I do or you may not have the time, money, […]

5 Things to Wear for Your Photoshoot (That You Already Own)

Tips for buying lingerie – for boudoir and everyday One of the biggest concerns I hear from my clients is not knowing where to find lingerie for their boudoir sessions. All of my boudoir clients receive my guide with tips for buying lingerie for their session along with places to shop, but even shopping for […]

7 Tips for Buying Lingerie

My Mom’s Birthday Beauty Experience Today is a very special day. My mom, the amazing woman and total badass that she is, turns 60 today. While we couldn’t celebrate together in person today, I wanted to make sure she had the most fantastic birthday ever. While she was in St. Louis for Thanksgiving, I gave […]

The Beauty Experience – The Perfect Birthday Present

Beautiful woman in lingerie posing on a bed for a boudoir shoot

Today’s Featured Bombshell on the Boudie Blog is extra special. I’ve lost count on how many shoots we’ve done together at this point…but it’s a lot. Her first shoot with me was a bridal boudoir session before her wedding, and this most recent one we went for a moody boudoir vibe! I instantly knew great […]

Moody Boudoir in St. Louis | Miss A

Woman seductively posing on a white couch

What to Wear for Your Boudoir Session Once you decide to book a boudoir session, the hard part begins: deciding what to wear for your shoot! There are SOOOOOOOO many options, and most of us do not have a closet full of gorgeous, photo-worthy lingerie, let alone a bra and panty set that matches. Lucky […]

What to Wear for a Boudoir Shoot

Arched back boudoir pose

Boudoir Poses that Always Flatter If you’ve never had a boudoir shoot before (and even if you have), the thought of all those boudoir poses might seem intimidating. The good news is you don’t have to worry about that! When you book your Boudie City boudoir session, I’m going to pose and direct you the […]

Boudie City’s Top 5 Boudoir Poses

Pin-up photoshoot of a pin-up girl in a bikini

St. Louis Pin-up Photography Pin-up photography has always had a place in my heart. I LOVED Marilyn Monroe when I was growing up (still do!), and pin-up photography is really what got me started shooting boudoir. While boudoir photography has had a huge jump in popularity over the last 10 years, pin-ups have been around […]

Themed Boudoir: Pin-up Photoshoot

Sexy and Glamorous Boudoir “She looks amazing for {this age}.” We see and hear this phrase all over in the media, in casual conversation, and even from other boudoir photographers. I hate it. Our beauty and sexiness doesn’t expire once we reach a certain age. So when Miss M reached out to me about booking […]

Glamorous Boudoir Session | Miss M

Self-love Through Self-expression and Fashion The fourth and final week of my Self-love First Series is here, and today’s guest is the wonderful Stephanie of Ruby Francis! Ruby Francis is an amazing boutique on Antique Row on Cherokee Street, and Stephanie and her shop specialize in handmade and vintage clothing with a focus on both […]

Self-love First | Self-expression for Self-love with Ruby Francis

Self-love Through Self-acceptance and Being Yourself with Embodied Self Counseling Week 3 of the Self-love First series is here (and how is February almost half over?!)! Today’s chat features Erin of Embodied Self Counseling, located just a few doors down from the Boudie City studio in Maplewood! Erin specializes in counseling for body acceptance and […]

Self-love First | Self-acceptance with Embodied Self Counseling