Don’t Change Your Body for Boudoir

You Don’t Need to Change a Thing for Your Boudoir Session

We all have things about ourselves we’d like to change. Whether it’s weighing less, having bigger boobs, smaller boobs, a different nose, different hair…the list could go on and on. Those thoughts can pop up even in the minds of the most confident, but body positivity and self-love means pushing those thoughts aside to be happy with the body you have. Boudoir is all about celebrating yourself for exactly who you are, so no, you don’t need to lose weight for boudoir. In fact, here’s a whole list of things you don’t need to change about yourself before your photoshoot (but if you still want to, you do you)!

You Don’t Need to Change Your Weight for Boudoir

The number one thing I hear about why women “can’t do a boudoir session” is that they want to lose some weight first. But here’s the thing: you’re perfect just as you are! Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or build or lose some muscle first, there is no time like the present. Just book the shoot. Between posing, lighting, and wardrobe (and NOT Photoshop), you’ll look your absolute best, and you’ll find that you love the woman you see in your photos just as she is.

You Don’t Need to Remove Body Hair for Boudoir

I get asked a lot about waxing and shaving and how and where to remove body hair, and my answer is always the same: stick to what you normally do! Bodies have hair, some women prefer to leave it all on their bodies, others prefer to get rid of some of it. Your photos are YOU, so celebrate yourself however you feel most like yourself! If you do decide to get hair removal, make sure you choose a process your comortable with, or at least try it out before your shoot so you know what results to expect. Also, make sure you have time to recover before your shoot so that your skin isn’t red or irritated.

You Don’t Need to Tan for Boudoir

You might be noticing a trend here…but nope, you also don’t need to tan before your boudoir shoot! Your skin is going to glow and shine on its own, and I always light and edit so that your skin looks just perfect with your natural tone and brightness, not desaturated or washed out or too dark. If you do prefer to tan, I recommend only going a shade or two darker than your natural tone. Skip the self tanners and book a natural-looking spray tan with a pro like Sunset Skin in St. Louis (seriously, they’re the best!).

You Don’t Need to Change a Thing for Boudoir

Seriously, you really don’t need to change anything, and you don’t need to be Photoshopped to look differently. Skip the diets, don’t worry about your skin, and just stick to your normal routine. There is no size, shape, age, color, or look for boudoir, so you belong no matter how you look! Embrace yourself exactly as you are and celebrate the skin you’re in; you don’t need to worry about how you look or how you think you need to look before your session. You’re going to fall in love with yourself all over again after your boudoir session, and you won’t believe how confident you feel when you leave my studio!

Ready to celebrate yourself exactly as you are right now?! Click here to inquire about booking your boudoir session!

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