The Piece of Lingerie That’s Perfect for EVERYONE

Lingerie Everyone Looks Good Wearing

What to wear is always one of the biggest concerns women have before their boudoir session. Lingerie can be a bit daunting, but if you’re in doubt about what to wear, there is one item that stands above all and always look good no matter who is wearing it. The piece of lingerie that’s perfect for everyone: the teddy/bodysuit!

So What Is a Teddy?

Different types of lingerie have all kinds of different names, and they can get confusing as hell (who remembers the bustier scene in Selena?!). Teddies and bodysuits are more or less the same things: a fitted one-piece that hugs the body and shows off your silhouette, similar to a swimsuit or leotard. They can have sleeves or straps, cutouts or embellishments, or even be simple and plain. Their names of often used interchangeably, but the biggest difference between a teddy and a bodysuit is what it’s actually made of: teddies are typically more sheer and sexy while bodysuits tend to be opaque.

Why Teddies Look Amazing on Everybody

The biggest reason teddies and bodysuits look good on everyone: they hug your body. No matter your figure or size, a bodysuit is fitted to show off your curves and accentuate your body in all the right places. Plus, there are so many different styles of teddies that you can find one to suit your assets even more! You can find them with all kinds of necklines, cupless or with bust support, strappy or solid, thong or brief; whatever suits your style and comfort!

A lot of women love bodysuits because they offer more belly coverage, but even a sheer teddy flatters every curve, roll, or pooch because of the way they hug your curves and don’t hide your figure. And an extra bonus, pair a bodysuit or teddy with jeans for a HOT outfit for a fun night out! You’ll look amazing AND feel confident!

If you need recommendations for where to find the perfect teddy or bodysuit, I provide a great list of stores and retailers when you book your boudoir session with Boudie City! And if you want to find more lingerie to fit your taste, sign up below to take my lingerie style quiz and get some shopping suggestions!

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