Sexy, Spooky Halloween Boudoir

Halloween Boudoir

The great thing about boudoir is that it can be whatever the hell you want! You can wear anything anything you want (or nothing at all) for your session and feel like the sexy, confident bombshell that you are! While yes, most women choose to wear lingerie for their shoots, some women think a bit more outside the box and want to celebrate how hauntingly beautiful they are by dressing in costume. And I am ALWAYS here for that! So, enjoy my compilation of sexy, Halloween boudoir for spooky season!

1. Sexy T. rexy

I was really torn on what to call this…T. sexy? Tyrannosaurus sex? Doesn’t matter, man creates dinosaurs, dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth.

2. Slay All Day as Michael Myers

I’ve never seen a jumpsuit look so damn good, but she killed this look! This gal and her hubby are both horror fans, so this look was the perfect addition to her photoshoot.

3. A Dreamy Freddy Krueger

This look is so fire! Is this flirty Freddy Krueger look the sexy costume of your dreams?

4. A Seductive Siren

Pour yourself a mertini for this one, it’s a splash!

5. Ghoulishly Glamourous Betelgeuse

Don’t say her name three times or she’ll show up and wreak hot, sexy havoc everywhere!

6. Sultry Sally

Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite Halloween movie AND my favorite Christmas movie!

7. That 80s Girl

Lace up those roller skates and throw on some Madonna, it’s time to party like it’s 1985!

8. MILF of Dragons

Take your seat on the Iron Throne, you delectable dragon queen!

9. Darth Booty

You don’t know the power of the Dark Side. Or dat ass.

Now tell me, what would your Halloween boudoir outfit be?

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