Sexy Boudoir Ideas for Summer

Summer Boudoir Ideas

With the summer heat and humidity in St. Louis, we sometimes have to find new, creative ways to stay cool. I mean, sure, we could crank the A/C, drink lots of cold beverages, and hide inside from the sun…but what fun is that?! Instead, I think the best way to beat the heat is with these fun, sexy boudoir ideas for summer!

Swimsuit Boudoir

My pale skin can’t handle much sun, so my swimsuits don’t really see a whole lot of action. Whether you’re the same way or you live in a bikini all summer, some fun boudoir or pin-up style photos in a swimsuit are great for some summer fun indoors! (Bonus points if you add roller skates!)

White T-shirt Boudoir

Classic yet sexy, you can’t go wrong with a white tee! Crop tops, tanks, undershirts, they all work! Pair your tee with a favorite pair of undies and you’re good to go with a sexy look that’s also perfect for lounging around the house in when it’s too hot to go outside!

Wet T-shirt Boudoir

If this doesn’t yell “sexy summer boudoir,” then I don’t know what does! Wet t-shirt boudoir has been a staple of mine in the summer for the past 5 years, and it’s always a favorite with my clients! Not to mention, the whole getting spritzed with water thing is quite refreshing! Thin, white t-shirts tend to work best, and I love adding some gelled lighting for a good pop of color!

Shower Boudoir

Not gonna lie…shower boudoir is my favorite! This is kind of the perfect combination of everything else on the list, and my clients are always obsessed with this set! This is the perfect way to end your boudoir shoot (you don’t want to have to worry about your hair or face getting wet!), and your photos will be extra steamy on their own without the summer heat! Shower boudoir works great with just about anything you want to wear (or not wear), but if you’re up for it, these photos are extra stunning if you want to shoot nude.

What’s your favorite sexy boudoir idea for a summer photoshoot?

Leave a comment below and let me know if you’d try one of these ideas out for your session, and keep scrolling for more of my favorite sexy, summer boudoir photos!

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