7 Tips for Buying Lingerie

Tips for buying lingerie – for boudoir and everyday

One of the biggest concerns I hear from my clients is not knowing where to find lingerie for their boudoir sessions. All of my boudoir clients receive my guide with tips for buying lingerie for their session along with places to shop, but even shopping for everyday bras and intimates can be stressful. Lingerie isn’t just for boudoir sessions and special occassions, sometimes just putting on a pretty, matching bra and panty set can fill you with confidence all day and turn any random day into a special occassion! Lingerie shopping should be a fun and empowering experience for you, so I’m sharing some of my favorite tips for buying lingerie!

In St. Louis, if you want to shop for lingerie in person and be able to try things on, you’re stuck shopping the chain stores at the mall. Even then, most of those stores don’t cater to a wide range of sizes (lookin’ at you, VS), and if they have inclusive sizing, the styles are usually pretty limited. Ok, so time to shop online! Buuuuuuuut…in these days of fast fashion and social media advertising, how can you trust that the places you’re shopping are legit and if they’ll even fit?!

It sucks. I know. And there is really something so magical about finding the perfect bra that fits so well that you feel like your boobs are being cradled in beautiful, soft clouds of fabric that spend the entire day telling you how amazing you are. That’s the dream, right? Shopping for intimates is such a pain in the ass that most of us avoid buying bras until we absolutely have to. My tips for buying lingerie can help change that.

7 Tips for lingerie & bra shopping

1. Get fitted

It’s said that most women wear the wrong bra size, and the fact that every store and designer has their own sizing and styles certainly doesn’t help, right? Getting properly fitted can ease the pain of shopping for bras and lingeries. Fittings and sizings can vary, and it’s important to also take into account that many variable can change the size and fit of your bras (breast shape, fullness, projection, hormonal changes, etc.). Many specialty boutiques and department stores will offer fittings, but for the most accurate results I recommend measuring and fitting yourself with the A Bra that Fits calculator.

2. Choose quality brands and pieces

Investing in quality lingerie and bras is always a good choice. These pieces will last much longer, fit better, and feel more comfortable. Solid construction and good fabric will prolong the life of your underpinnings and will feel much better against your skin.

3. Consider your ASSets

Think about the parts of you that you love the most, and shop for pieces that compliment and accentuate those features. If you’re showing off your va-va-voom you’ll feel much more confident in your selections!

4. Keep an open mind

Instead of trying to hide parts that you’re insecure about, keep an open mind and be kind to yourself. We all have insecurities, so don’t be afraid to try something new or outside of the box for your usual style.

5. Shop with your BFF

Sometimes you just need a second opinion. Especially when shopping in person, fitting room mirrors and lighting may not always be doing you justice, and our friends are usually great at seeing us for how we really look without those nagging thoughts of self-doubt. Choose the right friend, though, you want a supportive cheerleader but also honesty.

6. Bring some variety into your life

There is nothing wrong with stocking up on your trusted favorites for those everyday basics with your bras and undies, but go ahead and get some variety, too. We all have the “bad undies” that we save for laundry day and that time of the month, but go ahead and treat yourself to a special set to wear on a good day! You’ll love the confidence boost you’ll get when you wear something special, even if it’s just a pop of color to spice up all of your neutrals!

7. Try on your lingerie with other pieces of clothing

Those everyday t-shirt bras? Try them on with a t-shirt. Undergarments for your wedding or a special dress? Yup, try them on with the dress. Part of a good fit is making sure it still looks good under whatever you’ll be wearing.

Discover your lingerie style

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I hope these tips for buying lingerie help! Happy shopping!

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