5 Things to Wear for Your Photoshoot (That You Already Own)

Yes, my last post was all about how to buy new pieces to wear for your boudoir session, but now I want to share 5 things to wear for your photoshoot that you already own! I know that not everyone loves shopping as much as I do or you may not have the time, money, or energy to go on a shopping adventure to add to your session wardrobe. The good news is, your closet and drawers are full of pieces that are perfect for you to be photographed in for your boudoir or glamour session (and if not, that’s why I have the giant Boudie City wardrobe)! So without further ado, read on for my list of 5 things to wear for your photoshoot that you already own!

5 Things You Own that You Can Wear for Your Boudoir or Glamour Session

1. Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

We all have that one pair of jeans that make us feel ready to take on the world the second we button them. You know, the jeans that hug every curve perfectly and make your butt look AMAAAZING. Bring those babies to your session, because you’ll look hot as hell and will be strutting your stuff your whole shoot! If you’re going the glamour route, pair them with a cute tank or fitted top, but for boudoir, you just need a sexy bra or nothing on top (trust me, you’ll love the result).

2. Cute PJs or Robe

It’s called boudoir, after all, so why not wear what you actually wear to bed? Pjs can still be hot, and especially if you’re really nervous before your session, this is a great way to warm up and have some fun at the beginning of your shoot! Grab a cute matching set with shorts and a camisole or that silky nightgown that’s been hiding in the back of your drawer. You can be comfy and sexy at the same time. It’s allowed.

3. White T-shirt and Undies

I mean, come on. It’s a hot look. You don’t need a wardrobe full of lace for your boudoir session, and this is a very simple yet sensual look. This might be a favorite comfy, lounge-around outfit anyway, so you’ll feel right at home with this look for your photoshoot! This is also the perfect outfit if you want to do my wet t-shirt set!

4. Little Black Dress

Just like that pair of jeans, the little black dress is both a classic and a confidence builder! This one works great for both boudoir and glamour looks, too! We can dress it up or strip it down to go for an even sexier look, and I guarantee you’ll feel even better wearing this dress out after you’ve been photographed in it like this!

5. Just the Undies

All you need is your favorite pair of booty-hugging panties! We’ll get some great butt shots, and you can go full topless or we can tastefully cover your breasts with some creative posing. If you’re not quite ready to go topless for your photos we can pose you with some sheets or a blanket for some very artful implied nude photos. This is always a great way to finish your shoot, too, you’ll feel so confident and proud of yourself for this daring and sexy look!

Bonus Outfit: Your Birthday Suit

Ok, not technically an outfit, but this is something you definitely already have! If you’re up for baring it all, let’s go for it! Some fine art nudes are an amazing way to celebrate yourself, and you’ll love having this experience and reminder of how beautiful and badass you are!

I hope these ideas help you prepare for your photoshoot! I always go in-depth on wardrobe in our pre-session planning consult before your shoot, so I can help you decide on the best pieces for you to wear for your photos! Did I miss anything? Comment below if you have something else in your closet that would be amazing to wear for your photoshoot!

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