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Self-love in St. Louis

February is the month of love, but I think it’s time we focus on a different kind of love this month: self-love! This four-part video series will feature 4 St. Louis business owners sharing their expertise with me about all of the wonderful things you can do this month to focus on self-care and loving yourself.

Skincare with ShowMe Beauty

Your skin does so much for you day in and day out, but it is often overlooked what you put on your body and how you care for your largest organ. Especially in winter and even right now with COVID, your skin can take a beating. Taking the time to take care of your skin is a wonderful act of self-love that you can incorporate into an easy daily and weekly routine that will do wonders for how you feel and look!

Watch the video below to see my chat with Shanice Mac of ShowMe Beauty where we talk about why skincare is important, why it’s an act of self-love, and what you can do to give yourself and your skin the love you deserve!

Thanks for watching, and be sure to check back next week for week 2 of the Self-love First series!

Comment below and let us know how you plan to show yourself and your skin some love this month! I’d love to hear how you take care of your skin and your favorite products, too!

Find more from ShowMe Beauty online here, and check out some of Shanice’s favorite skincare brands below:

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La Roche-Posay
Philosophy Purity

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