Self-love First | Positivity & Confidence with Your Coach Meg

Self-love Through Positivity and Confidence with Your Coach Meg

Welcome to week 2 of Self-love First, and today I’m sharing a conversation with Your Coach Meg all about positivity and confidence! Meg is the queen of positive thinking, and as a life and business coach she is an absolute pro at helping women grow their confidence. Watch the video below to see our wonderful chat about self-love and how to treat yourself well, and she also gives some wonderful tips for boosting your self-esteem and using positive thinking as a daily act of self-love!

Thanks so much for watching! Week 3 will dive deeper with a discussion on self-acceptance and being comfortable with who you are, so check back next week!

Find Your Coach Meg online:

Glitter Gang Group Coaching
Instagram: @yourcoachmeg
Facebook: Your Coach Meg

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