15 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

A few weeks ago I shared some myths about boudoir that often keep women from booking a session. Today, however, I want to focus on the reasons that you should book a boudoir session! Boudoir is about so much more than sexy photos, I believe it is just as much about the experience. Even though my process is the same with each client, the experience is different for every woman who walks through my studio door, because every client has their own reasons and goals for doing a shoot.

There is no one reason you should have a boudoir shoot; in fact, I have come up with 15 reasons to book a boudoir session (#15 is my favorite)!

Beautiful woman with red lipstick and green lingerie

1. A boudoir session is an exhilarating, new experience

If you’ve never done a boudoir shoot before, you are in for an adventure! This is unlike anything else, and the thrill of being pampered and treated like a queen plus stepping outside of your comfort zone to see yourself in a new light will leave you looking AND feeling amazing!

2. It’s a day of VIP treatment

Speaking of getting pampered…while not every boudoir photographer includes this part, it is something that is a part of every session I shoot! With professional hair & make-up, styling, and a studio wardrobe, you just have to sit back and relax with a glass of wine or bubbly water and let us glam you up!

3. To feel more confident in your body

This is the only body you get, so you may as well love it! The point of boudoir isn’t to make you look like someone else or to Photoshop out the parts of you that you don’t like. It’s to help you love yourself exactly as you are and to see yourself the way others do. Boudoir can help you have confidence in your body that you’ve never had before!

Sexy plus-size woman laughing for her boudoir session

4. Treat yourself

Boudoir can be just for you. I’ll say that again: boudoir can be just for you. Whether you’re single, just out of a relationship, or even married with kids, you don’t have to do this for anyone but yourself. It’s good to treat yourself and remind yourself that you are amazing and you are enough.

5. Treat your partner

But boudoir can be a gift, too. I always say that even if the photos are intended as a gift for your partner, the experience is a gift for yourself. That being said, photos do always make a jaw-dropping present for your special person, and I’ve had many spouses reach out to thank for me not only the photos but the confidence-boost they saw in their wives!

6. You’re engaged

Brides and boudoir go together, and photos make the ultimate wedding gift! I always recommend that brides incorporate their wedding details into their photos, which is an extra treat when your soon-to-be-spouse opens up this gift on your wedding day! (It’s even better when I’m shooting the wedding and get to see their reaction when they open the album!)

Bride modeling for a boudoir session in her wedding veil and heels

7. You’re pregnant

Whether you’re planning to have a baby/just found out that you’re expecting and want a session pre-bump or you want photos to celebrate your adorable baby bump, maternity boudoir is amazing! Your body is growing life, and this is a great way to pamper it before baby arrives!

8. To celebrate achieving a goal

Hell yeah! You did it! You got that promotion or crushed your gym gains, you got your degree or even went back to school…whatever you did, great work! You deserve an extra treat for all the hard you’ve put in to reach your goals, and that is cause for a celebration!

9. To celebrate a new stage in your life

We go through so many changes in our lives, some are planned and some aren’t. It’s important to stay positive and keep moving forward. Make the most of starting over after a divorce or reaching that milestone birthday or changing careers. You’ve got this, and a boudoir session can help remind you how amazing you are.

10. You feel stuck

Sometimes you’re just in a rut. It happens. We all feel stuck at times and just need a way to get out of a funk. A boudoir session can help you reconnect with yourself and leave you feeling totally revitalized!

Smiling woman lying on a bed

11. To heal

We can’t have the highs without the lows, and unfortunately, bad shit happens to all of us. Healing takes time, and recovering from trauma can be difficult and overwhelming. While a boudoir session isn’t therapy and won’t solve all of your problems, it can be a positive experience that can help you move forward after a bad break-up, losing a loved one, or suffering other trauma.

12. To feel empowered

Empowerment can often go hand-in-hand with healing. A desire to feel empowered again can often come after feeling powerless or unworthy. Boudoir can help you see your worth again and feel like you have the power to do anything you put your mind to. You’re a badass, and you are absolutely enough!

13. To have a tangible reminder of who you are right now

So many of my clients book their sessions to celebrate their birthday, and I love that! This is an amazing way to remember who you are right now and to celebrate yourself just for being you! Your beauty isn’t in your skin or how you look; it’s in who you are and how you celebrate living your life. Having that reminder in print is absolutely inspiring!

Woman laughing in a black lace bodysuit

14. It’s fun

Seriously, so fun. Sometimes that’s all you need, just a fun, new experience, and a boudoir session won’t disappoint! You’ll love getting pampered and glammed up, we’ll get you all styled and dressed up, then get the music going while we laugh and dance and take photos!

15. Just for the hell of it

Because why not?!

Whatever your reason for wanting to book a boudoir session, I want to be alongside you on your journey! Fill out the form below to find out how I can help!

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