Your Boudoir Prep Checklist

Your Boudoir Prep Checklist

Hey there, Bombshell, and welcome to Part 2 of How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session: Your Boudoir Prep Checklist! If you missed Part 1, How to Mentally Prepare for Your Boudoir Session, go check it out here! While Part 1 was all about overcoming doubts and fears and getting ready for your session mentally and emotionally, Part 2 is focusing on what to bring to your session and other ways to prepare yourself!

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Planning for Your Boudoir Session

We said it in the last post, and we’ll say it again: you are perfect just the way you are. We’re not going to tell you that you need to wax or tan or diet or do anything outside of your normal lifestyle. If you want to do any of this stuff, go for it; and if you don’t, well that’s awesome, too. Be yourself, and plan for your session in the way that suits you. Our studio is a judgment-free zone, so you do you, girl! Here’s what we recommend to prepare your body before your shoot:

•Hydrate – Water is good for you anyway, and most of us don’t drink enough of it. Drink plenty of water in the week or two leading up to your shoot, your skin will thank you!

•Sleep – Another thing most of us don’t get enough of. Get those 8 hours the night before your session. It’ll be a long, busy day, and you’ll need that energy!

•Check your nails – Your fingers and toes will be in your photos, so make sure your nails are looking good and don’t have any chipped polish.

•Stretch – Some of these poses can get a little crazy, and some morning stretches before you arrive to the studio will help limber you up a bit.

•Eat – Again, long day, and you need energy! We have some snacks in the studio, but make sure you eat a healthy breakfast/lunch to keep you going through your shoot.

• Arrive with clean, dry hair and a clean face – Hair and make-up is always included with your session with Boudie City, so arrive fresh-faced and without product in your hair. Please avoid moisturizer and especially sunscreen or product with any SPF in it on the day of your shoot.

•Wear loose clothing to the studio – Tight clothes (and bras and socks) can leave indentations on your skin. Also, take the hair tie off your wrist.😉

What to Bring to Your Boudoir Session

We have a size-inclusive studio wardrobe (full of lingerie, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and more) available for all of our clients, but I also recommend you bring some of your own pieces to wear, too. We’ll go through a few different outfit changes, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra pieces to choose from! Try to gather everything you need and pack the night before so that you aren’t stressing about it the day of your boudoir session. Here are some of the items we recommend you bring to your shoot:

•Black and/or skin-toned underwear

•Lingerie, bodysuits, bra/panty sets

•Non-lingerie items, such as your favorite badass jacket, your partner’s favorite jersey, that super cozy cardigan you wear all the time…

•A pair or two (or more) of heels you love

•A positive attitude (Cheesy, but true!)

•Any fun, personal items that tell your story and can show just another reason you are a badass Boudie Bombshell!

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