What to Wear for a Boudoir Shoot

What to Wear for Your Boudoir Session

Once you decide to book a boudoir session, the hard part begins: deciding what to wear for your shoot! There are SOOOOOOOO many options, and most of us do not have a closet full of gorgeous, photo-worthy lingerie, let alone a bra and panty set that matches. Lucky for you, I’m. here to help! Preparing for your session should be fun and exciting, not anxiety-inducing, so I’m going to let you in on exactly what to wear for a boudoir shoot.

Teddie and Bodysuits for Everyone!

When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE! Seriously, everyone looks good in a teddy or bodysuit. Teddies are usually more sheer and sexy, while bodysuits tend to be more like clothing. These pieces are meant to hug your body to show off your figure and flatter your body. There are tons of different styles of both, and these are always perfect to wear for a shoot. Whether your style is lacy, strappy, mesh, full-coverage, sleeved, or whatever else, you can find a teddy or bodysuit that you will absolutely slay in your photos!

Bra & Panty Set

I know this seems like an obvious answer, but many women try to shy away from 2-piece sets. Don’t. Get yourself a pretty/cute/sexy matching set. You’ll be able to rock it for your shoot, and then you’ll have a matching set that’s perfect to wear under your clothes on a day you need a pick-me-up or wake up feeling particularly like a bad bitch ready to take on the world! There are so many different options and pairings here, so you can have fun trying a new style than you usually wear or stick with a tried-and-true favorite. This is also the perfect time for a proper bra fitting and measurement to make sure you’re wearing the correct size and shape for your breasts (because most of us aren’t)!

Badass Jacket or a Sexy Robe

Boudoir doesn’t just have to be lingerie! Adding a badass jacket or sexy robe to your wardrobe selections can give you some fun variety while covering up *just a little*. Bring your personal style into your shoot with your go-to jacket or by getting cozy in a flowy robe.

Whatever Makes You Feel Confident AF

Wear that favorite piece of clothing that makes you feel like hot stuff every time you put it on! Rock your favorite pair of jeans, your partner’s favorite shirt that you love to steal, or your latest cosplay! When you feel confident in what you’re wearing, it will ABSOLUTELY show in your photos. Have some fun with your outfits, and you’ll love the end result in your photos.

Nothing at all

YOLO. Sorry I just said that, but it’s true. Just strip down to what your mama gave you and OWN it, girl! You can bare it all, go topless, or even wrap up in my luxurious satin sheets for implied nude photos. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone a little bit to fully embrace yourself and your body for your boudoir shoot. It’s liberating.

Wear Whatever the Hell You Want

It’s time to burn the rule book. You are a grown-ass woman, so wear whatever makes you feel good! Your boudoir shoot is all about celebrating who you are, so have some fun with your outfit choices! And if you still aren’t certain of what to wear, I’m going to help you plan out your wardrobe before your shoot. When you book your boudoir session with Boudie City, you’ll receive my Lingerie and shopping guide to help you prepare, and at your pre-shoot consult you’ll be able to see everything that’s available to wear in my studio closet! I’ll make sure you know exactly what to wear for a boudoir shoot to look and feel like the amazing bombshell you are!

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