St. Louis Bridal Boudoir | *A*

A couple of weeks ago, I shared photographs here from part of my session with *A* where we both geeked out pretty hard, and it was amazing. However, that session actually had a softer, sweeter side, too…and some more sass, the sass is strong with this one! The initial purpose of the shoot *A* and I planned together was for some bridal boudoir portraits in anticipation of her wedding later this year. Her future husband has already been gifted his album featuring these photos, and he is one lucky man!

I like to get to know you before I have you take your clothes off, and some of my ladies like to start their boudoir sessions more clothed until they’re a little more comfortable in front of the camera. *A* brought a couple of killer dresses, and though she said this was a completely new experience for her, she warmed up in no time and NAILED IT!

Veils are a really great accessory for bridal sessions and can add an even more personal touch if it’s a gift for your future spouse before your wedding! *A*’s veil falls just below her hips and has a small beaded edge, which helped us complete a softer, sweeter look for some more intimate portraits.

We, of course, had to bring some geeky goodness into her bridal photos, as well, so *A* brought her future wedding shoes. Darth Booty has turned back to the “Light Side” of The Force with these AMAZING R2-D2 pumps!

Not only did *A*’s future husband receive an incredible album of his beautiful bride-to-be, but she gave herself her own amazing gift: a one-of-a-kind experience and super confidence boost before her wedding! She is going to be such a beautiful bride (and rock those shoes!), and I wish her the happiest marriage!

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