St. Louis Boudoir and Pin-Ups | Themed Sessions

My favorite part of being a photographer is telling stories. Whether I’m telling the love story of a couple on their wedding day or creating my own personal dialogue through inventive personal work, I love being a teller of tales through photographs. Some of my favorite sessions follow a creative theme dreamt up through collaboration between my clients and myself.

Boudoir and pin-up sessions are great for themed shoots! Since these sessions are typically portraits featuring just one person, we can create an entire story revolving all around you!

While I love to use and create background sets to aid in these tales, we can capture a theme or story with nothing more than a blank wall, as well. Session themes can be elaborate or simple, whatever fits your vision and tells the story you want to tell. Your tale could be one of a badass geek falling in love, or that of a flowering siren welcoming spring.

Pin-up photography in St. Louis is perfect in the spring and summer, as there are so many outdoor locations to serve as a backdrop for whatever your photo fantasy world may be! While most women choose a “traditional” boudoir photo session indoors, consider if you have a fun, creative story you’d like to tell when you book your next session! I love helping you plan out your dream shoot and turning your fantasy into reality!

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