A Couple’s Boudoir Photoshoot – The Perfect Date As a boudoir photographer who promotes self-love and empowerment, I’ve seen firsthand the magic that happens when someone opens up and steps in front of my camera. As a wedding photographer who celebrates love in all its forms, I’ve also seen sparks fly when couples step in […]

9 Reasons to Book a Couple’s Boudoir Photoshoot

5 Things You Should Absolutely Do After Your Boudoir Session Holy crap, you did it! You just finished (and ROCKED!) your boudoir session…but now what?! The good news is, the perks and fun of your boudoir experience don’t end with the final click of the camera! After your photoshoot, you can keep riding the self-love […]

5 Things You Should Do After Your Boudoir Session

A topless woman wearing red lipstick covers her breasts while lightly touching her cheek.

The Power of Being Vulnerable in Boudoir Photography When it comes to boudoir photography, the thought of baring your body and soul in front of a camera can be nerve-racking. However, that vulnerability is actually one of our secret ingredients to creating stunning and meaningful boudoir photos! By letting your guard down and showing your […]

The Power of Vulnerability in Boudoir Photography

A gorgeous woman lounges on the floor for a boudoir photoshoot.

Invest in yourself this year Do you feel inspired for new self-care every time the new year rolls around? Do you also abandon those resolutions before January is even over (I sure do!)? Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to start in January, and you can also keep it going all year long without having […]

23 Ways to Invest in Yourself in 2023

The holidays are right around the corner, and the biggest shopping days of the year are upon us! I shop with small businesses and support local as much as I can, and these local makers, entrepreneurs, and businesses give so much back to St. Louis. They deserve your support this holiday shopping season, so this […]

St. Louis Local Shopping Guide

Come As You Are We all have things about ourselves we’d like to change. Whether it’s weighing less, having bigger boobs, smaller boobs, a different nose, different hair…the list could go on and on. Those thoughts can pop up even in the minds of the most confident, but body positivity and self-love means pushing those […]

You Don’t Need to Lose Weight for Boudoir (& Other Things You Don’t Need to Change)

Halloween Boudoir The great thing about boudoir is that it can be whatever the hell you want! You can wear anything anything you want (or nothing at all) for your session and feel like the sexy, confident bombshell that you are! While yes, most women choose to wear lingerie for their shoots, some women think […]

Sexy, Spooky Halloween Boudoir

A boudoir session with a beautiful plus-size woman wearing a silver bodysuit.

Lingerie Everyone Looks Good Wearing What to wear is always one of the biggest concerns women have before their boudoir session. Lingerie can be a bit daunting, but if you’re in doubt about what to wear, there is one item that stands above all and always look good no matter who is wearing it. The […]

The Piece of Lingerie That’s Perfect for EVERYONE

Summer Boudoir Ideas With the summer heat and humidity in St. Louis, we sometimes have to find new, creative ways to stay cool. I mean, sure, we could crank the A/C, drink lots of cold beverages, and hide inside from the sun…but what fun is that?! Instead, I think the best way to beat the […]

Sexy Boudoir Ideas for Summer

Yes, my last post was all about how to buy new pieces to wear for your boudoir session, but now I want to share 5 things to wear for your photoshoot that you already own! I know that not everyone loves shopping as much as I do or you may not have the time, money, […]

5 Things to Wear for Your Photoshoot (That You Already Own)