5 Myths About Boudoir Photography

Even though boudoir photography has been around for AGES, this genre still has a ton of misconceptions about what it is and who it’s for (SPOILER ALERT: boudoir is for EVERYONE!). I’m over here busting myths today, and these 5 are the most common myths about boudoir photography that I hear:

1. You have to be a certain size

Nope! Beauty knows no size. I will say this here and I will say it again: There are no guidelines to how you should look to have boudoir photos taken. I believe in self-love 100%, and I believe in celebrating all bodies! The size and shape of your body does not dictate what you can and cannot do, and I am all about empowering women to love who they are and be confident in their skin no matter what!

2. You have to be a certain age

Nope! Beauty knows no age. Here I go again: There are no guidelines to how you should look to have boudoir photos taken. As long as you’re over 18, you can have boudoir photos taken at any age! There is no time like the present to celebrate the skin you’re in!

3. You have to wear lingerie or get naked

Nope! With Paper Doll Photography, your comfort is key, and you can take your photos in as little or as much clothing as you please! My studio wardrobe is full of lingerie options, but I also have an array of robes, dresses, shirts, and sweaters, so even if you don’t have lingerie or anything to wear, I have you covered (and uncovered)!

4. You have to be in a relationship

Nope! Plenty of women book their session with the intention of giving their photos as a gift, and then we start shooting and they realize how much it’s actually for themselves! The whole experience will transform the way you feel about yourself, and a boudoir session is the perfect treat to make you fall in love with yourself all over again!

5. You have to look “sexy”

Nope! There are no guidelines to how you should look to have boudoir photos taken. My sessions really focus on self expression and not only how you see yourself, but how you want to be seen. There is no set image of what sexy should be, and it’s up to you (I’ll help!) to decide what side of yourself you want to show in your photos! And don’t worry, even if you think you’ll look awkward in front of the camera, I can assure you––you won’t!

Now that we’ve busted those pesky myths about boudoir photography, are you ready to book your own boudoir session? Get in touch with me here to start planning your shoot!

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  2. Another myth, almost never mentioned, is that boudoir photography is only for women. Many men, straight, not just gay, deserve to have classy tasteful flattering pictures of themselves also, for themselves or wives, girlfriends, fiancées, or whomever.

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